Christian Ditlev Hindkjær

Attorney (H), owner

Born on June 5, 1975
Master of Laws in 2002
Attorney in 2005
Right to appear before the Danish High Court in 2008
Right to appear before the Danish Supreme Court in 2013
High Court Judge (interim position) in the Danish Western High Court in 2016
Certified mediator in 2017
Certified arbitrator in 2017

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær is an experienced litigator who since 2002 primarily has worked with litigation and arbitration cases with emphasis on business and compensation law.

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær is a specialist regarding the handling and conduct of business litigation and arbitration cases, including in particular larger and more complicated cases, and has conducted a large number of cases relating to professional and management liability, prospectus liability, contractual breach, non-contractual liability, public authorities’ liability and insurance. Christian Ditlev Hindkjær also has experience in regards of legal investigations.

Christian Ditlev Hindkjær represents both Danish and international clients.

Rune Ravnborg

Assistant Attorney

Born March 24, 1986

Rune Ravnborg has great experience with business and industry. He has professional qualifications from insurance companies where he has developed excellent talents within litigation.

Camilla Danielsen

Litigation secretary/financial manager

Camilla Danielsen is an experienced litigation secretary specializing in the practical handling of particularly major litigation and arbitration cases.

Camilla Danielsen is also a market economist and takes care of the firm’s financial function.

Phone: +45 75 75 25 25
E-mail: cld@hindkjaerlaw.com