Professional and Management Liability

Hindkjær Law Firm is one of Denmark’s absolute leading law firms in relation to cases regarding professional and management liability. The firm has conducted a considerable amount of cases.

Professional and management liability is thus one of the company’s core competencies and in terms of management responsibility, the company conducts both cases for and against executives from all types of companies, ranging from listed companies to small businesses.

Attorney Christian Ditlev Hindkjær has a comprehensive and unique experience from some of Denmark’s largest cases regarding management liability, including the historical cases concerning bankrupt banks and similar historical cases regarding stock scandals where companies have gone bankrupt or have experienced a massive fall in their prices shortly after a listing.

The company has also conducted a large number of cases for and/or against lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, construction professionals, architects, engineers, insurance brokers and investment associations.

Cases regarding professional liability is typically characterized by requiring specialist knowledge, not only regarding the respective legal basis, but in particular to the norms, terminologies and practical activities within the relevant business areas. The law firm is in possession of such profound knowledge, which may be decisive in obtaining opinions from the respective groups of disciplinary boards, etc.

Hindkjær Law Firm also prepares legal opinions/second opinions for Third Party Funding of cases regarding management liability.