Legal Opinions and Second Opinions

Litigation and arbitration cases are often extremely costly, particularly larger and more complex cases that may take years to complete. Many clients therefore demand an initial assessment of the case in the form of a legal opinion or an actual lawyer investigation.

If a case is particularly difficult to assess, or if you feel the need to get an evaluation from a lawyer who has no financial interest in whether the case is to be conducted or not, a second opinion can be obtained from Hindkjær Law Firm.

The company prepares second opinions both with knowledge of the already available assessment or without knowledge of this, depending on the client’s wish in this regard.

Attorney Christian Ditlev Hindkjær’s experience from his work as an arbitrator and former High Court Judge (interim position) in the Danish Western High Court makes him extremely competent to assess the different outcomes of a case and the most likely result.

Furthermore, Attorney Christian Ditlev Hindkjær acts as an expert witness concerning Danish law in foreign cases regarding Danish law.